Hudson -- Although other cities have a shortage of road salt, Hudson officials say the city has enough for the next storm.

The Feb. 8-9 storm didn't last long and didn't drop much snow, said Communications Manager Jody Roberts.

"We're in good shape regarding our salt supply, and we expect additional shipments this week," Roberts said Feb. 10.

Since November, the city has used 11,000 tons of salt this winter season (2013-14), Roberts said. The amount of salt varies depending on the weather. Last year the city used 8,800 tons of salt, she said.

The lowest amount of salt in recent years was 6,000 tons in the 2011-12 season and the high was 13,583 tons in the 2003-04 season.

"We have been ordering salt all winter as we always do," Roberts said. "Our dome only holds so much, so it always has to be replenished throughout the season."

The city's salt dome holds 4,000 tons of salt. The city has been receiving shipments, but not the full amounts, Roberts said.

"This is due to the other cities that have switched to Cargill from Morton because Morton is behind on deliveries," Roberts said.

Hudson's contract is with Cargill, which is spreading the salt around so every community has some for the winter storms, she said.

"If there is a major storm, there could be issues," Roberts said.

The city has 14 trucks with 14 routes working in two shifts. Each route takes 1 hour to salt and up to two hours to plow and salt. The city uses 90 tons of salt one time through each route.

Hudson has 350 lane miles of road in a 25 square-foot are plus 26 cul-de-sacs to plow.


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