Hudson -- Council Feb. 5 unanimously approved the amended Solid Waste Management Plan a week before the deadline.

Summit ReWorks, formerly the Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority, predicts how much trash will be generated in this area and makes sure there are adequate facilities to handle the trash disposal, said Yolanda Walker, executive director.

Its goal is to reduce the amount of trash residents and businesses throw away into landfills, she said.

"We focus on recycling and diversion," Walker said.

Summit Rework's number one goal to provide recycling services to 90 percent of its customers was achieved in 2010 when 20 communities offered non-subscription and 7 communities offered subscription curbside collection programs, according to the amended Solid Waste Management Plan executive summary.

Items recycled include paper, plastics, bottles, cans and food scraps, according to the summary.

Primary elements of the amended update include continued financial support for residential curbside recycling programs; expansion of commercial waste reduction and recycling opportunities for Summit County businesses; and a county-wide recycling education campaign.

Summit ReWorks offers collection of hazardous materials and is increasing education to encourage recycling. Also it is enlisting more businesses through the "Recycling that Works" collection program, according to the summary.

Summit ReWorks next goal is to reach 25 percent diversion in residential and commercial waste and 50 percent diversion in industrial waste, according to the summary.

Future goals are to be able to readily access data and develop metrics to measure the program's performance, according to the summary.

Walker said the updated plan, originally written in 1989, will continue financial support for residential curbside recycling programs and expand commercial waste reduction and recycling opportunities for Summit County businesses. In addition the plan will educate Summit County residents and companies about recycling.

The plan is updated every five years.

Members of the Hudson Environmental Awareness Committee reviewed the plan and made a recommendation to Council to approve it.

The Environmental Awareness Committee serves Hudson by educating its residents on environmental issues and how to be more environmentally friendly.

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