By Cheryl Reid-Simons

If you love a good brew, it should come as no surprise that Milwaukee may be the town for you, according to a recent analysis by Credit Donkey.

The credit card-rating company named Brew City the best in the nation for beer lovers. But unlike some beer-related lists, this one didn’t just focus on the number of beers brewed or the quality of the suds in different cities. The analysis looked at other things that can impact a person’s beer enjoyment, including cost and transportation, as well as the number of bars per capita.

Each city’s walkability score was a major factor, since not having to get behind the wheel of a car greatly enhances most drinkers’ experiences. They also looked at unemployment rates, assuming that even a great pint won’t lift your mood too much if you can’t find work.

Using those criteria, Milwaukee rose to the top. Though it wasn’t the most walkable city on the list, the high concentration of bars, low beer taxes and a large number of regional brewers, brewpubs and microbreweries pushed it to the top. And there’s also that little brewery by the name of Miller’s that helps keep the suds flowing.

Since beer is what made Milwaukee famous, it’s no surprise the tax rate on beer there is a paltry .06 percent, easily the lowest of the cities on the list.

Closer to home, Cleveland comes in a respectable fourth place on the list. While it didn’t win any particular category, Cleveland scored well enough across the board to best cities like Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

But whether you head to Milwaukee, Cleveland or stay put in Aurora, a good neighborhood pub you can walk to can make anyplace feel a little more like home.