Aurora -- City leaders have their eyes on a new computer-aided dispatch system for the police department, which would cost about $92,000.

The new computer system, which also serves as a record management system, should cost about one-third the price of the current one, officials said.

An ordinance was placed on first reading at City Council's Jan. 27 meeting.

Council member Jim Vaca said he saw a presentation about the new system, which is sold by Sundance Systems of Valley View. "I was very impressed by it," he said. "It's a fantastic system."

AfterCouncil's OK, which could occur Feb. 24, Police Chief Seth Riewaldt said it is reasonable to say it should by up and running 60-90 days afterward.

Dennis Withem, representing Sundance, told town leaders his company is "an emergency services software company for police, fire and EMS for small to mid-size municipalities."

Withem said police officers can use their computers while making police calls.

"They can be out on the road more," he said. "They don't have to be at the [police station]. That's something we pride ourselves on.

"We partner with our customers," he added. "We try to come up with relationships where we allow them to tell us what they'd like to see. The application is customer-driven. That's a reason why people choose us over the competition.

"What they're getting is not what some developer dreamed of. What they're getting is what was designed by other police departments, especially in this area, with the same concerns as yourselves."

Riewaldt said he asked city leaders in October for permission to look for a different system because the current one is "unsatisfactory. We found a company [Sundance] that we think would be appropriate for the city."

Lt. Rob Hagquist added the current firm, New World Systems, "didn't fill our expectations and needs."

Councilman John Kudley said one concern the city has with the current system is, "with one [police] shift ending and another starting, the officers can't understand readily and quickly what happened on the previous shift because no report is generated."

Withem said that is not a problem with his company's equipment, adding, "[Officers] can print out a hard copy [of a police report], or they can review the calls from the previous shifts on the computer screen."

Withem said Copley, Lyndhurst and Ravenna are Sundance customers, while Riewaldt added that Hudson and Streetsboro also use the firm's system.


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