Streetsboro City Council approved the first step in creating a connection of Philipp Parkway and Ethan Drive this summer. Conceptual drawings and plans are currently in place.
At a total cost of $2.8 million, the 3,500 feet of new road will connect Phillip Parkway to Ethan Drive, creating a direct path from Interstate 480 to Route 43.
The addition will alleviate commercial traffic on Routes 14 and 43, while reducing wear and tear on the roadways. L’Oréal employees and others on Philipp Parkway also will have a direct path to Route 43, according to Mayor Glenn Broska.
“Opening up this land will provide better access for some of the industrial land up there on Route 43 [in the northern portion of Streetsboro and southern portion of Aurora],” he said.
City Council unanimously approved an ordinance authorizing the city administration to prepare bids for the project Jan. 13.