Hudson -- A Leadership Hudson class would like to replace the city corporation limit signs at the four main entrances to town.

Leadership Hudson, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hudson Clock Tower, educates a group of residents and business employees each year about leadership and community involvement. At the end of the nine-month course, each class creates a project to improve the community.

The class of 2012-13 initiated a 5K Race during the Taste of Hudson fundraiser, a project of the 2003-04 Leadership Hudson class. The race raised $10,000, which class members would like to put toward a community-based beautification project.

The city has four main entrances in each compass point of the map, and the $10,000 would go toward four new signs. A circular "100 Best Communities" sign and another circular sign with two small rectangular signs for the Rotary clubs are attached to the poles holding one of the corporation limit signs.

Council President Hal DeSaussure said he preferred the city remove the organizational signs such as Rotary and the "100 Best Communities" and place the information on the city website

Other Council members agreed that the current sign posts were cluttered.

In the past, a consultant gave the city ideas about entrance signs, but the city did not pursue placing new signs, said Council member Dan Williams.

Council member Alex Kelemen said $10,000 doesn't go very far for four signs and questioned whether it was the best use of the money.

"The Leadership Hudson class of 2012-13 determined this project and want to know if the city supports it," DeSaussure said.

Members of the Leadership Hudson class need to know if they should move forward with its project, said Interim City Manager Scott Schroyer.

"It's a great starting point," DeSaussure said. "The consensus it to proceed, and we'll hear more as the design progresses."

The city staff would work with Leadership Hudson, Schroyer said. They could provide prototypes from past work and incorporate the new marketing ideas from Atlas Advertising for the signs. Then Leadership Hudson could bring a more detailed idea to Council.


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