Aurora — Local resident Pete Elliott became the longest-serving United States Marshal in the history of the Northern District of Ohio in June.
He surpassed George Kainath, who was appointed during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration and served from January 1934 until his death in May 1944.
Elliott, 51, was appointed by President George Bush in March 2003, and President Barack Obama retained him based on the recommendation of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Avon.
Elliott is the 26th marshal in northern Ohio, dating back to when Jabez Fitch first wore the badge when the district was enacted in 1855.
He is one of 94 U.S. marshals appointed by the president, each covering a judicial district within their state. The northern district of Ohio encompasses 40 counties.
The marshal is responsible for the management, administration and direction of operations in the district, and for directing a staff whose core missions include security and protection of U.S. courts, criminal investigations, fugitive apprehension, execution of federal court orders and other law enforcement tasks.