Aurora — The salaries for the mayor and City Council members will increase by 2.5 percent starting in 2016.
A salary increase for Council was approved 7-1 at Council’s July 8 meeting. Councilman Joe Kastelic voted “no” while Councilman John Kudley was absent.
The legislation would increase Council salaries from the current $8,700 a year to $10,400 by 2016. The Council president would continue to receive an additional $1,500 a year.
A mayoral salary hike was approved 8-0. That legislation would increase the mayor’s salary from the current $82,000 a year to $97,775 by 2016.
The 2016 starting point means none of the current elected officials voted on their own salaries because all would have to run for re-election prior to the new salaries taking effect.
Former Councilman Carl Rausch, then chairman of the city’s finance committee which recommended the increases, said surveys show Aurora is near the bottom of salaries in similar area cities for mayor and Council.