Twinsburg -- Talks are under way to allow Twinsburg Township and Reminderville residents to purchase annual memberships -- at a rate of 27 percent to 30 percent higher than what city residents pay -- at the Outdoor Water Park on Ravenna Road.

Water park manager Branden Burns presented to Council on Jan. 14 a proposal that would extend the as-yet-undetermined annual water park memberships to villagers and township residents, with Reminderville and Twinsburg Township possibly reimbursing the city for their residents' eligibility with a yearly municipal contribution.

Burns said he has not yet presented the proposal to village or township leaders. "I think it's good for the city," Burns said. "It kind of defeats the purpose to have a community pool if we have residents who aren't coming because their friends can't come."

Twinsburg Parks-Recreation Department Director Derek Schroeder said that opening memberships to township and village residents could make for additional income for the water park. Burns said that he and Schoeder do not have a specific figure in mind for what they hope the additional membership might raise.

Under current Twins-burg Parks-Rec Department policy, residents of Twinsburg Township and Reminderville cannot visit the water park at 10260 Ravenna Road unless they pay a $12 fee per visit and are accompanied by a city resident with a membership.

Twinsburg Township and village individual residents can buy annual memberships to the Twinsburg Fitness Center for $303, compared to $228 for city residents. Other nearby non-city residents can join the TFC for $348 per year.

Schroeder said the non-resident use policy at the water park was originally implemented to prevent overcrowding, but increasing competition from regional aquatic attractions, such as Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora, has given people other recreation options and placed the onus on membership growth on the city.

Schroeder says a major complaint from village and township residents has been that children who attend school together are then unable to attend the water park together during the summer.

Twinsburg Township manager Robert Kagler said that although he had not been formally approached regarding the proposal as of Jan. 16, he supports the possibility of extending membership opportunities to township residents.

Reminderville Mayor Sam Alonso did not return calls seeking comment.

Schroeder said Council was likely tocreate legislation to address the proposal at its Jan. 28 meeting, when city representatives would present the formal proposal to village and township administrators.


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