Reminderville -- The seven elected officials in the village now are eligible for the non-elected employee insurance plan after a 5 to 1 vote by Council, with Councilor Mark Kondik dissenting.

In 2013, the village's insurance plan covered 11 employees, including 10 full-timers whose health insurance was funded by the village and a part-time employee who paid for their own coverage.

In 2013, the village spent $3,400 each on insurance for the positions of fiscal officer and clerk of council. With the Dec. 19 vote, all six elected members of Council will be eligible to join the insurance plan.

Fiscal officer Deborah Wordell said she expects roughly half of Council has an interest in applying for the insurance, though Mayor Sam Alonso has declined to apply. Several elected officials are already covered through their full-time employers, Wordell said.

"I'd say it's about 50/50," Wordell said of Council interest in the insurance. "I don't believe all six of them will take it." She added this could add $32,000 to the village's expenses for 2014, if all accept the insurance.

"There was an estimate done for the purpose of appropriating $32,000 for the plan," Wordell said. "It may not end up being that much because I'm not certain all of the Councilmen are going to take it. That could end up being a little bit of a savings to the village."

Provided through Blue Cross/Blue Shield by the National Health Care Alliance, the village insurance plan provides health and dental coverage and a small life insurance policy, according to Wordell. Dental coverage is not included.

Under the village's current plan, eight full-time police officers have a version that reimburses them for 50 percent of their deductible; other employees pay their full deductible without reimbursement. Wordell said it hasn't been determined which version of the plan Councilors will receive if they decide to join.

If Councilors decide to take the insurance, their annual deductible would be $2,500 if registered as a single person and $5,000 if registered as a family, with a $30 office visit co-pay in either case.

Elected officials have until the end of January to apply for the village insurance.


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