Hudson -- Not everyone in Ohio has been happy to see a certain Portage County police chief who has made his presence, and that of his department, known worldwide via both social and print media and a series of televised appearances.

Those unhappy to see Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver are usually the "mopes," or criminal element, his department works to keep off the streets of their city.

A "mope" is an old police term, Oliver said Jan. 15.

"The first time I ever heard it was on [the 1970s TV show] Kojak," Oliver said. "I describe it as a person who leeches off of society and is usually engaged in crime."

For those wanting to see the "Internet sensation," Oliver will be at the Hudson Library and Historical Society Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. promoting his book, "No Mopes Allowed."

The book is a collection of Oliver's Facebook musings directed at mopes, quotes he finds inspirational and crime reports with a comedic twist.

Oliver's humorous postings and discussions with more than 120,000 "crazy cousins" of the Brimfield Police Department has nabbed the department more than 120,000 Facebook followers since 2010. The department's Facebook page following is second only to New York City's Police Department.

Oliver describes the page as a place "we are all trying to work together to solve whatever problem comes along."

"The whole Facebook concept itself has been a lot of fun," Oliver said. "I think the one thing most people get from the page is that its a place for everybody to get together and talk, and we've done a lot of talking about a lot of different issues."

Oliver and his department's style was recently coined "the Brimfield Way," Oliver said, laughing.

A recent post by Oliver was an open letter to Kanye West, after the singer compared his stage performances to serving as a soldier or police officer.

"I want to thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us every day. I know that being a rapper is tough work. I have tried to rap, and it is very difficult to keep up with the pulse of the rhyme flow although when Ice Ice Baby comes on the radio, I can usually keep up with ol' Vanilla," Oliver facetiously posted on the department Facebook page. "Anywho, your job is just some very dangerous work. Most people don't consider... if you rap really fast, without a chance to inhale, you could pass out and hit your head."

The West posting was shared by more than 95,000 people and almost 154,000 likes.

"I'm a real police chief with a real police department," Oliver wrote on the website of Gray and Co., publishers of his book. "That's my job, and I take it seriously. But I also believe that communicating with people is an important part of that job, and it's a lot easier to reach people if you can do it with a sense of humor."

It appears to be working.

The Learned Owl Book Shop will have copies of "No Mopes Allowed" at the event which can be purchased and signed. Oliver donates all proceeds from the sale of his books to the Chief Oliver Foundation, a non-profit organization which donates funds to a variety of police department charitable programs and assists juvenile survivors of sexual assault.

"I am excited to have Chief Oliver speak here," Reference Librarian Katie Hughes said. "He's been featured prominently in the media lately, but he's also doing a lot for his community. His larger than life personality, combined with his no-nonsense outlook on life should make for an entertaining evening."

According to library records, the book is doing well at the checkout desk.

"There are more than 25 copies available through our catalog, from The Hudson Library and other Northeast Ohio libraries, and they're all checked out at the moment," Hughes said. "So that should give you some idea of just how popular he is."

The discussion will cover portions of the book and a variety of stories about the department and "the ride we've had" on Facebook, Oliver said.

"Come on out and have a good time," Oliver said of the event. "That's what it's all about."

Attendance is free but registration is requested. To register visit or call 330-653-6658 ext. 1010.


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