Aurora -- The domino effect that started when Lynn McGill stepped down as mayor in November 2012 has resulted in City Council having another new finance committee chairman.

Ward 2 Councilman Dennis Kovach is the new committee head, succeeding Carl Rausch, who succeeded George Horvat when the later became Council president. Horvat had held the role of finance chairman since George Hettinger retired 2008.

When McGill resigned his mayoral seat for health reasons, Council President James Fisher became mayor and Horvat became Council president.

According to city law, no Council member shall be selected to chair more than one committee, commission or board of the city, and only under the most extraordinary condition may a Council member chair two committees, boards or commissions.

Since city law prohibits the Council president from serving as finance committee chairman, Rausch became finance chairman in 2013. Rausch decided not to run for re-election last November, and at the Jan. 6 organizational meeting, Kovach was unanimously selected by his peers as finance boss.

"It's good to have the respect of the other Council members," Kovach said. "I look forward to working with them. The finance committee does a great job, and we'll do well with the new mayor [Ann Womer Benjamin]."

Council's finance committee does not meet regularly, but just on call. The 2014 finance committee includes Kovach, John Kudley, Horvat, Harold Hatridge and citizen representative Dennis Mervis.

KOVACH began his third term as Ward 2 Councilman in January 2012.

"I've been on just about all the committees," he said. "To be a well-rounded Council person, you should sit on the committees and see how they run."

At the organizational meeting, Horvat was picked as Council president and Kovach as vice president, while Kudley returns as committee of the whole chairperson and Hatridge was selected as vice chairman.

Serving on various committees are:

Planning commission -- Kathi Grandillo; recreation advisory -- Jim Vaca; buildings and grounds -- Harold Hatridge and Reva Barner; finance -- Kovach, Horvat, Hatridge and John Kudley.

Parks and rec -- Barner, Kovach, Grandillo and Amy McDougald; tree commission -- Vaca; safety/service/utilities -- Vaca, Hatridge, Kovach and Grandillo; audit -- Horvat; economic and entrepreneurial development -- Horvat.

Landmark -- Kudley; firemen's dependency -- Barner; treasury investment -- Horvat and Kovach; library board liaison -- McDougald; Aurora schools liaison -- Grandillo; Chamber of Commerce liaison -- Kudley and McDougald (alternate).

Council still must select a successor for Womer Benjamin, who was sworn in as mayor Dec. 30. Applications are due by today (Jan. 15) at 4:30 p.m. A meeting to fill the vacancy is scheduled for Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.


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