Bainbridge — Aurora Co-op Preschool located at Centerville Mills Park on Crackel Road has a new director — Ann Olsen.
She has taught for 15 years at several levels in several schools around the country. She earned her bachelor of science degree from Miami University of Ohio in 1991, and decided to step up as director last year after the previous director resigned.
Aurora Co-op Preschool’s mission is to work in partnership with families to meet the learning and developmental needs of preschool children, according to Olsen.
The school strives to facilitate children’s optimal growth and development through positive and supportive learning environments, interactions and experiences.
The school is run by the director and a board made up of parents who volunteer to be members.
“We want to let kids know how special they are,” said Olsen. “We want to make sure the kids are developing at the rate they are supposed to, and that they are receiving the education they need to be successful.”
Classes are for 4-year-olds 3-year-olds, prekindergarten and 2-year-olds (Mommy and Me), in which parents or guardians accompany the 2-year-olds.
Olsen works with two other teachers — Lori Kachur and Christin Delaney. The three of them are required to take teaching classes throughout the year to stay certified.
They also have a point system in which they receive points for the hours they attend classes. For the past several years, the school has received four out of five stars, and it hopes to earn five stars this year. To accomplish that, the teachers must take 30 hours of classes.
“Right now, there is a huge push for social and emotional development for pre-schoolers,” said Olsen.
The school has hired psychologists and therapists to instruct teachers how to best teach the kids and how to recognize emotions.
A new program beginning this year is the “How full is your bucket” series, which teaches children about being nice to each other, Olsen explained.
“Everyone has an invisible bucket,” said Olsen. “People put things in their bucket if they are nice, and if they do something mean they must take things out of bucket. It helps children go out of their way to be kind to their classmates and others.”
Olsen is unsure how long she will remain director of the school, but said she loves going to work every day to do something she loves.
The school is a nonprofit co-op which depends on fundraising. It will offer an open house on Jan. 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for families who want to visit the school and learn what it is all about.
Phone: 330-541-9400 ext 4163