Hudson -- The city doesn't have as many employees as it thought.

The city has been reporting 153 employees for several years as it's official number, but when the city broke down the actual number of employees per department, making sure the fractions added up to one single person if they worked in numerous departments, the total came to 149.

City Finance Director Jeff Knoblauch told Council members Dec. 9 at a budget meeting that the previous fractions used between shared employees were rounded up, giving the higher number.

Some of the math confusion comes from shared responsibilities. The public works superintendent spends 0.33 percent of his time in three departments -- street trees & greens; public properties; and service for streets, in addition to 0.01 percent of his time overseeing the cemetery.

Knoblauch said the time was an estimate and employees did not track every hour.

Another public works superintendent divides time equally between water/wastewater treatment administration and electric administration.

There are four assistant public works superintendent positions with time divided between stormwater service; streets service; water/waste water treatment administration; water distribution/waste water collection; and fleet.

The 2014 budget does not include any new staff.


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The top 10 companies in Hudson based on real property tax in 2012 include JoAnn Stores Support Center Inc. at $7.2 million; Allstate Insurance Co. at $6.6 million; Little Tikes Inc. at $5.2 million; Georgetown Development Co. at $2.6 million; Albrecht Inc. at $2.2 million; Hudson Mob LLC at $2 million; Laurel Lake Retirement Community Inc. at $1.7 million; Avaria Properties LLC at $1.6 million; Kobelco Stewart Bolling Inc. at $1.6 million; and Bath Technology Associates LTD at $1.2 million, according to the Ohio Summit County Fiscal Officer.