Hudson -- Having problems with your memory, or someone else's?

There's a new program on HCTV that offers help in that area called "Memory Matters" -- for ALL Ages -- presented by Kathryn Kilpatrick, M.A.

Kilpatrick has more than four decades of experience in speech-language pathology which she brings to the program. Added to that, she brings the perspective of a health care professional who has focused on assisting those of all ages with speech, hearing, speech, memory and cognitive challenges.

Each month the program provides new information on dealing with multi-tasking, mild memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia and provides care giver support. It's on HCTV for 15 minutes, several times each week. She is joined in the discussions by Genel Nichols, representing the Gables of Hudson.

"There is a huge fear of Alzheimer's," Kilpatrick said. "We can help people understand what's happening."

Kilpatrick's experiences include outpatient therapy, rehab centers, hospitals, as well as assisted living, nursing home and hospice settings. But much of her career has been spent in the area of home health care. As a geriatric communication consultant she has provided families strategies for communication and activity modification as well as safety recommendations when there is a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.

"Sometimes people miss the red flags. Sometimes there is denial and sometimes family members are not understanding what they're seeing in a loved one," Kilpatrick said.

According to Kilpatrick, a key component to these programs is maximizing the quality of life of the older adult while supporting their families, friends and caregivers.

"I want to educate people about it. I want to give back to the community," she said.

In addition to appearing on local television, Kilpatrick shares her knowledge and insight in programs all across the United States and is available to speak to groups locally. For more information, visit

The subject of Alzheimer's and dementia are dear to her heart. Topics she personally identifies with.

"I walked that journey with my mother," she said.

That probably explains, in part, why she is so focused on helping others in those situations.

"It is my passion," she explained.


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