The Cuyahoga Falls Board of Zoning Appeals meeting slated for Wednesday, Dec. 11, was canceled.
The meeting did not happen because Drummond Financial Services Inc. (Loanmax) has decided to withdraw its appeal of Cuyahoga Falls Planning Director Fred Guerra’s decision to deny LoanMax an application for a zoning certificate. John Swansinger, the attorney for Drummond, sent a letter to the city today announcing the firm was dropping its appeal.
On July 17, Guerra said he denied LoanMax’s zoning certificate application because Loanmax is classified as an advanced/payday lender or pawnshop and such uses are only allowed in C-1 Commercial Districts. LoanMax was looking to set up shop at 2080 State Road, which is in an area zoned MU-4 Sub Urban Corridor Mixed-Use. According to Guerra, Drummond denied that Loanmax is an advanced/payday lender or pawnshop and contended that they were a broker of third-party loans and should be categorized as a neighborhood personal service, which is allowed in an MU-4 District.
When reached by the Falls News-Press on Dec. 11, Swansinger declined to offer a comment on why the company withdrew its appeal.
For more on this story, see the Dec. 15 edition of the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press.