Peninsula -- A new food festival will highlight Ohio's tradition of ethnic sausage.

The first Ohio Sausage Fest will be Oct. 5 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Brandywine Country Club, 5555 Akron Peninsula Road in Peninsula on the Par 3 or west side of the road. Visitors can park in dowtown Peninsula or along the road.

In addition, Peninsula will be celebrating Village Peddler Day Oct. 5 with plenty of shopping opportunities in town.

"You can ride the train, shop and enjoy sausage and beer," said J Hudson, organizer of the event. "The trees should be changing, and it will be pretty around there."

Admittance is free with samples to try before purchasing a favorite sausage, either to eat that day or buy frozen to take home, Hudson said.

"I want the festival to build into something that will be fun on an annual basis," he said.

The festival will highlight the depth and diversity of sausage makers in the area. Some of the vendors are from the Hudson Farmer's Market, which Hudson ran for many years, while others are from restaurants that make sausage or will be serving meals using sausage from local butchers, he said.

"The United States is known as a melting pot, but it's really more of a sausage fest," Hudson said.

"Immigrants bring their sausage traditions to America and refuse to let their culinary ancestry be lost in their new land," he said. "They grind their meat, blend in spices, fill their casings and cure or cook their links in the traditions of the homeland."

Sausage Fest is a chance to sample sausages from many cultures and countries, including German bratwurst, Polish kielbasi, Italian hot, Hungarian kolbsz, Slovenian klobase, French andouille, Mexican chorizo, American hot dogs, Moroccan merguez or any of the many other types crafted by local shops and farms, Hudson said.

Sausage Fest will also have a variety of great craft beer from Northeast Ohio's award winning microbrewers and ethnic brews from the home countries, he added.

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