Twinsburg -- Making a raucous return to Perici Amphitheatre for the second year, Michael Stanley and the Resonators will take the stage in Glen Chamberlin Park Sept. 6 as the closing act for the 2013 Rock The Park concert series.

The Cleveland-born artist and his heartland rock ensemble will start their performance at 7 p.m. in the wooded setting at 10260 Ravenna Road. Tickets are $33 pre-sale and $50 at the door for general admission. There are also $80 VIP patio access seats. Tickets can be purchased at

Parks and Recreation director Derek Schroeder said he's happy to bring Stanley and his band back to the venue to close out another concert season.

"We're excited to have him back for sure, and we're really excited about reuniting him with original Michael Stanley Band guitarist Jonah Koslen," Schroeder. "They don't play that often together, but Jonah's going to open our show doing a solo acoustic set and also join Michael on stage for a few songs. It's two classic Cleveland rockers coming together on our stage."

Remarking on a successful 2012 show, Stanley said he is pleased to be returning to the outdoor Twinsburg venue.

"It was one of our favorite shows that we did last summer," Stanley said. "We had no idea what to expect and it was a really nice venue. We had a great night weather-wise and it was just 100 percent fun which is what it should be."

The Sept. 6 show is shaping up to be especially exciting, as Koslen, founding guitarist of the original 1974 Michael Stanley Band, will make a rare appearance with Stanley and his current lineup as an opening act and guest musician.

"Jonah's going to open the show and then he'll be doing a few things with us throughout the night," Stanley said. "We haven't done that for a while, it happens maybe once a year so you guys get it this year."

Though the concert was a late addition to the 2013 concert series lineup, Schroeder said he is expecting a sold-out show with around 1,600 attendees.

"We have all of our marketing venues happening and we're looking for another successful show," Schroeder said.

With decades of touring and dozens of albums under his belt, Stanley has a wealth of music to offer during his live sets. He said this overwhelming variety of new and old tunes can be a challenge when catering to an audience.

"You gotta be aware of what the people want to hear," Stanley said. "They want to hear the hits, so they get those. But our fans have been kind enough to let us grow past that and some of the things that have come out in the last 10 years have become sort of staples of the set. At the same time, if they want to hear the things they grew up with ... the only problem is, this far down the line and 30 albums into it, you're not going to play everybody's favorite, but we get most of them in there."

For those uninitiated to the Michael Stanley and the Resonators experience, Stanley said new listeners can expect a passionate performance from veteran musicians with a true love of their craft.

"It's just a really good live band," Stanley said. "The Michael Stanley Band was a good live band in the old days and this one carries on the tradition and maybe even ups it a little bit. You've got a bunch of people that have been playing for a long time and who still love to play and that's the most important part. Nobody's going through the motions. We're thankful every time we get to take the stage and hopefully that will come across in the performance, which it usually does."

Though he's toured the nation many times over throughout his career, Stanley said he's always glad to play in his familiar stomping grounds of Northeastern Ohio, citing the dedicated fan base in particular.

"It sounds like a cliché, but having toured the United States 8 million times, the best rock and roll fans that we've come across are in Northeast Ohio," Stanley said. "It makes it more fun for us and they're also a discerning bunch of people so you've gotta be on your feet and you've gotta give them their money's worth. That's what it's all about."


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