For the past 27 years, the Hudson Garden Club has welcomed the community to share in the time honored tradition of spring and fall plant exchanges. Thousands of plants have found new homes and brought joy as they grew, many also being shared again years later, and the cycle continues. In many respects, little has changed from the early days when the rule was "bring a plant, and take a plant, and if you don't have any, pay a nominal price."

This is not a fundraiser for the club; it truly is sharing plants from our home gardens.

The Fall Plant Exchange is scheduled for Sept. 14 at the May Pavilion at Hudson Springs Park. This is always a fun event for the HGC members and the community. The check-in will begin at 9 a.m. and the exchange will start at 10 a.m.

Check in: Each plant needs to be divided and labeled and brought potted in good condition to the exchange. A label has been designed that will keep all the plants uniformly marked and easy for those volunteering and those choosing plants. The label identifies the plant, providing name, color, height, bloom time and growing needs, i.e.: sun, shade, etc. People are welcome to share as many plants as they would like, with the exception of any groundcovers (no groundcover will be accepted) or if it is a known invasive variety perennial or herb.

Invasive plants will not be accepted. No more than two plants of the following will be accepted: Herbs - lemon balm, mints, valerian, tansy, oregano and monarda (bee balm). Fast spreading perennials - roadside Daylilies, Yarrow, Gooseneck Loosestrife, Black-eyed Susans, Shasta daisies, Obedient plant. Coreopsis and Violets, among others.

Tickets: One ticket will be issued for every standard size plant you bring. People may use tickets to purchase plants from the exchange, and if people have leftover tickets, they may be used for a plant exchange held in the same year. If people do not have any plants to share, plants may be purchased at the end of the exchange.

All plants, excluding the premium plants which are labeled as such, are available for one ticket/or $1. Premium plants are priced slightly higher.

This is a wonderful and fun tradition for both the Garden Club and the residents of Hudson and beyond. There is not a rain date.

Don't forget to bring containers to take your plants home in.

People with questions can call Sherry Beam at 330-342-0969 or our HGC e-mail:

Check out the HGC website: to download plant labels, and read more complete guidelines.