by Alison Stewart | REPORTER

Aurora -- "It is time to take off our blue and red shirts and put on our red, white and blue," said U.S. Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio 14) at a 3Chamber luncheon Aug. 21 at the Bertram Inn in Aurora.

Joyce's speech, sponsored by the Twinsburg, Aurora and Solon Chambers of Commerce focused on the country's economy, the importance of providing citizens with jobs and lowering taxes.

"We cannot go on like this," said Joyce. "The numbers do not lie. There must be changes made in the system."

The nearly 200 attendees seemed pleased with what they heard, as Joyce had to stop his speech several times for encouraging applause. And the audience seemed excited to hear Joyce's plans for the future.

Hunter Temp Services account representative Patricia Raber said she hoped to hear about the direction the country is heading. "I hope to hear the positives in regard to the direction that we're going -- the state of Ohio as well as the United States," said Raber.

Past president of the Solon Chamber of Commerce Bill Mazur wanted to know how Joyce plans to work with his counterparts across the aisle.

"I would like to see some of these congressmen get together and have less conflict and more resolution of problems," said Mazur. "I think the main issue right now is health care."

Joyce hit on several topics, including his plan for District 14, which includes all of Ashtabula, Lake and Geauga counties and parts of Portage, Trumbull, Summit County, and Cuyahoga counties.

"We need to bring jobs back to our area," said Joyce. "We need to do whatever is necessary to promote businesses in this area and that is by cutting taxes, lowering regulations and trying to create the climate in which businesses can prosper."

Joyce said another priority is the environmental health of the Great Lakes. "They are a national treasure and so it is important to me that we continue doing whatever is necessary to preserve them," he said.

ACCORDING to Joyce, the environmental health of the Great Lakes and the economy go hand in hand, producing 1.5 million jobs for U.S. citizens.

Joyce also said that in the spirit of bipartisanship, the country's leaders should get off the air and into a room together to discuss issues and find resolutions. He emphasized his belief that most leaders are trying to get publicity rather than solve the country's problems.

The congressman, first elected in November 2012 to replace Steven LaTourette, also touched on tax returns.

"I think every American should be able to do his or her taxes on one paper front and back," said Joyce. "It is not right to go after hard working tax payers. It is going to take a lot of reaching out to congressmen but we want reform and we want it now."

Joyce also hit on the nation's current health care issues. "We are on a crash course," said Joyce. "I don't think we're going to tax our way out of this or spend our way out of this. We put way too many regulations on things. We need to get together to make adjustments so we can see some changes in the next decade."

Tara Krol, employee benefits consultant of Managed Care Consultants, said she found Joyce's speech insightful.

"It was very positive and I liked a lot of what he had to say," she said. "It sounds like he has a path that he's following to help America and our communities here in Ohio."

Kim Zagar, treasurer for the Solon Chamber of Commerce, was also pleased with what she heard. "He said all the right things and he's got great ideas," she said. "The biggest thing is budgeting and trying to set our future."

Joyce was born in Cleveland in 1957 and has been a lifelong Ohio resident. He serves on the House Appropriations Committee and resides in Russell Township with his wife Kelly and three children.


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