Residents who wish to get a unique fitness experience while also rejuvenating their mind and spirit need to look no further.

JAND YOGA, 86 Owen Brown Street, opened in June and offers a variety of classes and experiences for any skill level.

Instructor Jacquelyn Hieber has been practicing yoga for 10 years. For her, it means more than just a way to relax and strengthen her body.

Four years ago, Hieber fell off the roof of her house. It left her unable to walk. While going through physical therapy, she realized that it mirrored some of the yoga moves she practices.

"It's a way to heal and grow your spirit, mind and body," Hieber said.

She hopes to be able to bring a similar experience to anyone that attends any of the classes at her studio.

Hieber became an instructor in October after attending a four-day yoga retreat. At this training, she met many of her fellow JAND YOGA instructors.

There are currently six instructors at the studio versed in five different styles of yoga. They have been trained by some of the most respected yogis in practice, including Sri Dharma Mittra, Andrei Ram-Om, Yiannis Andritsos, Jonny Kest and Peter Sterios.

The Jand tree is known as the "sacred tree of life." It reaches deep in the Earth for strength and has the purpose of giving back. It was this tree that inspired Heiber to name the studio JAND YOGA, wanting to take the same motto for her studio.

"Yoga has become commercialized in many studios. We want to focus on the ethical principles and serving others. We do a lot that other studios don't," Heiber said.

She prides herself on having a traditional-style studio, focusing more on the mind and spirit portion of yoga than most other studios do. She also ends her classes with savasana, a classic relaxation pose that involves lying still and clearing your mind. Students lie in the pose for several minutes, and it helps them to leave the class renewed and refreshed.

Heiber is Hudson resident, which is why she choose the location for her studio.

"I'm proud to have my studio in Hudson," she said.

It's a relatively small studio, but it allows for more intimate classes where students will get special attention. Classes vary in structure, and don't go by a set routine. It's always a different experience for the students, and Heiber aims to get out of the repetitious nature that many other studios have.

While the studio only opened a couple weeks ago, JAND YOGA has been hosting "Yoga on the Green." Taking place every Sunday in June and July from 8 to 9 a.m., it's a free yoga class where 100 percent of the donations go towards the Children's Miracle Network. To date, they have raised more than $750.

The Yoga on the Green event is a community effort. Green Root Collection offers an indoor location for rainy mornings, 3 Palms donates cookies, Caribou Coffee donates coffee and Coldstone Creamery donates gourmet caramel apples.

Heiber welcomes students of all levels. She stresses that any pose can be changed to make it harder or easier for the student and encourages people of all physical abilities to take a class with her.

There are 10 different classes offered and range from meditation-focused classes to fast paced workout-based classes. Yoga Nidra is a state of relaxation equivalent to eight hours of sleep. Power Vinyasa is vigorous and flowing, and focuses on strength and flexibility. There are many other classes that can be any kind of energy that the students bring.

JAND YOGA is open seven days a week. For a schedule and more information about the classes, visit


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