Hudson -- A former Little Tikes employee lost her appeal in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas June 12.

Lisa L. Turner of Akron was convicted of one count of theft and one count of misuse of credit cards July 23, 2012, by a jury in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas, according to court records.

The court sentenced Turner to a 12-month term in jail for theft and six months for the misuse of credit cards with terms served concurrently, according to court documents.

She began serving time May 17, 2012, at Summit County Jail and was transferred in August 2012 to Marysville Prison, according to jail records.

Turner appealed the conviction but the conviction was upheld in the Ninth Judicial District of the Court of Appeals by Judge Donna Carr with Judge Carla Moore and Judge Beth Whitmore concurring.

Turner appealed on the grounds there wasn't enough evidence to convict her, but Judge Carr stated, "The evidence presented by the State was sufficient to convict Turner of theft and misuse of a credit card."

According to the court records Heather Johnson, an employee of Little Tikes for four months, began working her shift of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. the evening of Jan. 2, 2012. When she took her scheduled break at 3:30 a.m., Jan. 3, she removed her wallet from her purse to get change for the vending machines, leaving her wallet in her purse on a table unattended for a "couple of minutes" while at the vending machine. After her shift, she stopped at the vending machine again and opened her purse to find the wallet missing.

She reported the wallet missing to human resources and went to Chase Bank to report the theft, where she learned charges had been made that morning on her credit card at Sheetz and Circle K gas stations and Save-A-Lot grocery store. Johnson canceled the cards and filed a police report with Hudson Police Department.

Officer Tyson Dinda investigated the case and found surveillance video of an individual using the credit card who was identified as Lisa Turner, another employee of Little Tikes. Turner claimed she used her own credit card for purchases at the same locations, but in a taped phone conversation from Summit County Jail to her mother, Turner claimed she found the credit card in the parking lot at Little Tikes and used it knowing it wasn't her card.


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