Hudson -- A $50,000 grant from Safe Routes to School and the Ohio Department of Transportation will be used to build a pathway from Ellsworth Hill School to the nearby neighborhood in two to three years, according to Brenda Divine, Safe Routes Hudson president.

The multi-purpose path will be 925 feet long and stretch from the Ellsworth Hill playground area through the subdivision to Parkside Drive.

"This path will help Ellsworth Hill students that live in Hudson Park Estates travel safely to Ellsworth Hill," Divine said.

Christine Surma of ODOT said she will meet with recipients of grants this year to review their preliminary development plans and work on design, any environmental issues and permits. Construction funds will be available beginning in July 2015.

The grant is up to $50,000 and is in addition to previous grants.

The local organization in 2012 received more than $300,000 in federal funding awarded through the ODOT -- $97,600 for non-infrastructure projects, such as education and encouragement activities, and $210,000 for infrastructure projects like adding sidewalks, crosswalks, flashing beacons and new bike racks.

The $210,000 will be used for a concrete sidewalk along the west side of Glen Echo Drive from Victoria Parkway to Hudson-Aurora Road, a sidewalk along Middleton Road from Ellsworth School to Winterberry Drive and a crosswalk on Middleton Road. Electronic flashers will be installed on North Hayden Parkway as part of this project, and the bike racks will be purchased for the schools. The work is scheduled for 2013.

Ohio's Safe Routes to School Program assists communities in developing and implementing projects and programs that encourage and enable children in grades K-8 to walk or bike to school safely.

Successful Safe Routes to School programs include physical improvements to infrastructure within two miles of schools, teaching students and others about biking or walking to school, enforcing traffic laws for safety, encouraging students to walk or bike to school and documenting progress.

Council member Alex Kelemen said the new path from Ellsworth Hill Elementary to Parkside Drive could tie into the sidewalk at Winterberry Drive in the future and connect neighborhoods on both sides of Middleton Road.

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