Hudson -- Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton popularized the phrase "it takes a village" more than a decade ago.

Tom and Christine Lambotte of Streetsboro hope for at least a city's support for a May 11 silent auction fundraiser to help them reach their dream of adopting another child.

"The total cost of adoption is between $20,000 and $25,000," Tom, who owns and operates GlobalMac IT in Hudson, said. "So far, we have raised over $12,000 and hope to get us closer to our goal of $20,000 with this silent auction."

The couple adopted their daughter, Eliana, now 2, in 2011 after trying for more than six years to have a child.

"She was 3 days old when we adopted her," Christine said.

It was around that time the couple was told by doctors that conception was not possible, but the Lambottes wanted another child.

"We have always wanted a family from the minute we met," Christine said. "We would like a large family of four or five children."

After adopting Eliana, the Lambotte's were given another opportunity to increase their young family.

"We were going to get to adopt Eliana's biological brother, which is very rare, at the beginning of 2012," Tom said. "We had formed a close relationship with her biological mother and even brought her to the hospital on the day of delivery -- sadly he did not make it and was stillborn."

However, just before the baby was stillborn, the family received news from Christine's doctor -- the couple was going to have a son.

"We miraculously got pregnant and so had to stay strong and focus on the miracle we had," Tom remembered.

But a strong focus was not enough and the family was hit by tragedy again.

"As if losing our daughter's biological brother was not enough, in October of 2012, at full term, we lost our biological son due to complications during delivery," Tom said. "On top of all this, Christine almost did not make it and spent a week in the hospital, just barely hanging on the edge."

According to Tom, the family's "lives and hopes were shattered during these unimaginable challenges."

"But we have slowly regained hope and resolved to keep going on thanks to the amazing support from our friends and family, many of whom we have met in the past two years living in Streetsboro and being active in the Hudson community," Tom said.

Earlier this year the family decided to give adoption another try.

However, due to medical bills associated with the previous adoptions and Christine's pregnancy, the family thought they would reach out to the surrounding community for help, Tom said.

"Some of my wife's friends have come together and for the past two months have worked very hard to put on together a silent auction to help us make our dream of adopting again come true," Tom said.

More than 120 local businesses from the Hudson and Kent area have donated a variety of items which include: photography packages; gift cards to local restaurants; birthday parties; concert tickets to Blossom Music Center and chiropractic services, according to Tom.

The fundraiser is May 11 from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. at The Fairways At Twin Lakes, 1519 Overlook Road, in Kent. Tickets are $35 per person, which includes an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, desserts, music, dancing, and a silent auction, Tom said.

"The Stow-Kent playgroup is a wonderful group that I have been a part of and have been so excited to plan this fun evening out to celebrate the welcoming of our soon-to-be-baby that we will be adopting," Christine said.

Christine said she was grateful to the donors and sponsor who have helped with money and items for the event.

"This is a very special event for me in that I get to be with all these beautiful people that want to celebrate such a special time in our life," Christine added.

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