Hudson -- Students will be safer in 2013 as some of the projects of Safe Routes are put in place.

Hudson City Council March 6 unanimously approved legislation for an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation to take the lead for the 2013 Safe Routes to School program projects.

Safe Routes Hudson is a collaboration between the schools, city and Community First to increase walking and biking in the city with its Connect Hudson Plan.

The three projects to be completed in 2013 include installing a sidewalk on Glen Echo Drive from Hudson-Aurora Road to Victoria Parkway, and on Middleton Road from Winterberry Drive intersection to the end of the existing walk at Ellsworth Hill School with work including Americans with Disabilities Act ramps, grading, striping as needed, pus a crosswalk at Middleton Road for $150,000.

Another project for 2013 is the North Hayden School flashing sign at the north and south ends of North Hayden at a cost of $38,000. The third project is to replace eight bike racks for a total of $6,000.

Council in February approved legislation for Safe Routes Hudson to apply for more future funding for projects on its list. Safe Routes Hudson will be notified May 1 of any funding, according to Brenda Divine, Safe Routes Hudson coordinator.

The Connect Hudson Plan is a guide to future city improvements -- sidewalks, park paths, bike paths, bike lanes, lighting and crosswalks -- designed to make walking and biking safer and improve the environment and health of residents. Safe Routes Hudson is a community-initiated program, based on the National Safe Routes to Schools program, that promotes walking and bike riding through long-term planning for improved connectivity of paths, sidewalks and bike routes.

The local organization in 2012 received more than $300,000 in federal funding awarded through the Ohio Department of Transportation, according to Kelly Kempf, director of pupil services for Hudson schools. That includes $97,600 for non-infrastructure projects, such as education and encouragement activities, and $210,000 for infrastructure projects like adding sidewalks, crosswalks, flashing beacons and new bike racks.

The city provided a list of 11 infrastructure projects ranging from $12,000 for crosswalks at East Woods to $250,000 for Middleton Road sidewalks.


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