A cause has not been established in a kitchen fire at a two-story home at 607 Grant Ave. on Sunday, Deputy Fire Marshal Tim Mier reports.

Eight people, including four children, were home at the time and escaped injury.

While the home sustained heat and smoke damage, it was inhabitable after the fire, although Mier says firefighters recommended the family limit their time there until clothing, linens and upholstery could be cleaned. The family is making arrangements to stay with relatives in the meantime.

Firefighters were summoned just after 1 p.m. when the occupants called 911. Mier says the small blaze was basically contained to a metal and wicker bakers rack located in the kitchen. The rack held a microwave, toaster and a pot of grease, the fire report says. The kitchen is located on the first floor of the home.

Most of the residents were on the second and third floors of the structure at the time the fire was detected.

A lack of any smoke alarms in the home was a contributing factor to a delay of recognizing the fire occurring in the home before being too substantial for them to readily extinguish, according to Mier.