A Cuyahoga Falls Police officer and a city postman are two of the recipients of the 2013 Red Cross Acts of Courage award.

Officer Eric Prange and postman James Bowman were honored at the annual American Red Cross of Summit and Portage Counties Acts of Courage event Thursday, March 7, at the Hilton in Fairlawn.

Postman Bowman was delivering mail on his route in April 2012 when a car sped, by nearly hitting him. Bowman watched as the car went through a stop sign, struck a curb and crashed into the front of a nearby house, according to a news release from the Red Cross. Bowman called 911 as he ran to the scene.

Officer Prange, who was patrolling the area, also saw the crash and stopped in front of the house. Entering the house through the hole which the car had made, Bowman found its lone occupant sitting in a nearby chair. Bowman could see that she had received a head wound, was bleeding and possibly going into shock, the news release stated.

Officer Prange turned his attention to the driver of the car. He found her dazed and in obvious pain from the crash.

Together, Bowman and Officer Prange tended to the injured women and kept them calm until paramedics arrived.

Both women were rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Both of them survived the accident.