Aurora -- "The reason we wrote this book was to show couples the progression of going from the corporate world into entrepreneurship with a spouse to have a happy life, marriage and be successful at the same time," said Will Scott, co-author of "From Mom and Pop to Millionare."

Local residents Scott and his wife of 21 years, Rita, wrote the book together to help people make a transition into business while keeping their marriage intact.

"We were tired of being slaves to the corporate world," said Will. "We give so much time to our corporate work and not enough to our families. We decided to start our own businesses in which we could be successful, as well as spend more time together."

Will and Rita met as undergraduates at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea. They went to grad school together and then were married. they have been entrepreneurs for 15 years.

"You really can work with your spouse," said Rita. "In a lot of ways they are the perfect partner for business."

The Scotts own several businesses, including Young Explorers Montessori Schools in Aurora and Streetsboro, a commercial real estate business and an internet curriculum company at, according to Will.

After graduating and getting corporate jobs, the couple was not happy. Their relationship reached a turning point when Will's father was in the hospital and Will paid him a visit.

His parents were well aware that his corporate job was killing his marriage and they wanted Will to make a change.

"I remember mom and dad saying that I must surrender those things I cannot keep in order to gain those things that I cannot lose," stated Will.

His father died in September 2011 and he wrote this book in honor of his parents and every couple that may want to make the transition to business ownership.

"Other than raising our children, being married business partners is the toughest thing that we do," said Rita.

"These businesses have tested and strengthened our marriage. We have learned a lot from each other," added Will.

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