Stow -- Police found no explosives after the Summit County Bomb Squad responded to a report of a suspicious backpack discovered off Fishcreek Road on the afternoon of Feb. 18.

Police later discovered the pack contained materials associated with the production of methamphetamine.

No charges have been filed in relation to the discovery, but police are continuing to investigate.

Lt. Anne Stirm, Stow police public information officer, said the backpack was reportedly found by some passersby around mid-afternoon Feb. 18 in a wooded lot not far from the Circle K and Speedway gas stations located at the intersection of Stow and Fishcreek roads.

The bag reportedly contained a "duct-taped package" shaped like a brick that was "suspicious in nature," Stirm said.

"A K-9 did not indicate on the package and the Summit County Bomb Squad was contacted," Stirm said. "They elected to come to the scene and examine the package."

The backpack was X-rayed and further inspected, Stirm added. The package was later discovered to be a portable kit for producing methamphetamine via the "shake-and-bake" method where the drug's ingredients are "cooked" in a plastic bottle by shaking them all together.

Stirm said the package's contents included lighter fluid, drain opener, coffee filters and two-liter pop bottles with some residue inside.


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