Stow -- Residents will notice a slew of smaller road-improvement projects throughout the city this spring and summer.

City Engineer Jim McCleary said locals will see about eight special projects addressing roads and stormwater systems this year that are all on top of the annual paving projects completed through the city's road program each summer.

What makes this year unique, he said, is a higher frequency of smaller projects supported by state funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation as opposed to having one or two large projects that typically take more time and money to complete.

"We've been doing one major project that sometimes takes two years," McCleary said, referencing past projects at Steels Corners Road and the Seasons Road interchange. "This year, we're doing a multitude of smaller projects."

Two of the projects will result in temporary road closures.

Leewood/ Greentree Road Culvert Replacement:

The 65-foot-long culvert located just north of Greentree Road on Leewood Road will be replaced sometime between April and August. The project has not been bid out yet, but McCleary estimates it will cost about $110,000 in total.

The street around the culvert will be closed for no more than 10 days during the project. The city is expected to be reimbursed by the state for about 80 percent of the cost, McCleary said.

Route 91 Culvert Replacement:

The state will replace the culvert outside the Tip Top restaurant on Route 91 near the intersection with Route 59 and complete any related road work. Brent Kovacs, ODOT District 4 public information officer, said that project is estimated around $300,000 and will be paid for entirely by the state.

The project will result in a road closure of no more than 10 days, Kovacs added. Work is slated to begin in April after the city replaces the corresponding waterline.

Route 91 Waterline Replacement:

Prior to the ODOT culvert replacement, the city will replace 137 feet of waterline at the same location outside Tip Top. McCleary said while there isn't a specific time when that project will begin, it will need finished by April 1 so ODOT can do its culvert project. That project may be the first one the city will address.

That work is estimated around $147,000 and features an 80/20 split in cost with federal funds footing the larger share. McCleary said that project is significant because the deteriorated culvert in that area has resulted in a hole opening up in the Tip Top parking lot that will be fixed after the repairs.

"There's been some ongoing issues there, so it'll be nice to get all that squared away," said Public Service Director Mike Miller.

Commerce Drive Resurfacing:

A 1-mile stretch of Commerce Drive between Hudson Drive and Darrow Road will be resurfaced sometime between May and August. The project is an extension of the past Hudson Drive reconstruction project.

Work is estimated to cost about $302,000 and features an 80/20 split in cost with federal funds paying the bulk.

Hudson Drive Resurfacing:

A roughly half-mile stretch of Hudson Drive between Campus Drive and Norton Road will be resurfaced sometime between May and August. That project is estimated to cost about $247,000 and features a similar 80/20 split in cost with the city covering the smaller portion.

Stow Road Resurfacing:

The city will have an approximately 1.2-mile stretch of Stow Road between Call Road and Norton Road resurfaced sometime between May and August. That project is estimated to cost about $360,000 and features an 80/20 split with federal dollars covering the lion's share.

Stow Road Resurfacing/ Waterline Replacement:

About 1,400 feet of additional road between Bryn Mawr Drive and Lynnwood Drive will be resurfaced to finish a 2012 project that replaced a waterline under the street. The road work wasn't finished because the waterline replacement drew into December, and asphalt can't be laid in the winter.

McCleary said that area is currently being held together with hard patches that are "holding up well," but won't last forever. That project is estimated to cost the city about $15,000.

Norton Road Resurfacing/ Hill Lowering:

This project is a shared effort with Hudson, which is administering the work. The project involves resurfacing about 1.5 miles of Norton Road (Seasons Road) from Route 91 to Stow Road.

McCleary said the project is expected to happen sometime between May and August and is estimated to cost about $800,000. Federal funds will pay for 80 percent of the project, and Hudson and Stow will split the remaining 20 percent.


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