Macedonia Mayor Don Kuchta has vetoed an ordinance granting the Manor House Historical Society an extended permit to access the home of the citys first mayor for the purposes of making a restoration assessment and thereafter the creation of architectural plans and thereafter restoration of the building.

If Council supports the veto, the societys permit will expire Feb. 28 and the city will have to decide whether to demolish the condemned building. Kuchta said his administration has secured $60,000 for the Manor Houses demolition from Summit County. He said the money may not be available by the time the permit expires.

The extended permit Council approved Feb. 14 by a vote of 5- 1, expires in August 2014. Councilman Mike Miller voted against the extension.

Under the city charter, Council needs four votes to override a mayoral veto.

In a Feb. 18 letter to Council, Kuchta offered several reasons for his veto, including a statement that the society has had many years of opportunity to accomplish some form of restoration or salvaging of the Manor House, without success.

He added the structure has been condemned and is an attractive nuisance in that it could attract trespassers who could be harmed while inside the building, or endanger safety forces in the event of a fire or break-in.

The society was first granted permission to renovate the building in 2002, but made little progress despite the efforts of dozens of volunteers and donations of hundreds of dollars, including $500 Kuchta said he donated.

The city building commissioner condemned the building in 2007 for numerous building code violations. Council last year granted the society 12 months to come up with a plan for the buildings restoration. That extension was to expire at the end of February.

In his veto, Kuchta also said Councils extension is a violation of the city charter, in that it allegedly ignores his responsibility for public safety, as well as the building commissioners condemnation of the building.

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