Stow -- There were no explosives found after the Summit County Bomb Squad responded to a report of a suspicious package off Fishcreek Road this afternoon.

Lt. Anne Stirm, Stow police public information officer, said a backpack was reportedly found by some passersby in a wooded lot near the Circle K gas station located at the intersection of Stow and Fishcreek roads sometime this afternoon.

The bag reportedly contained a "duct-taped package" shaped like a brick that was "suspicious in nature," she said.

" A K-9 did not indicate on the package and the Summit County Bomb Squad was contacted," Stirm said. "They elected to come to the scene and examine the package.

"After X-rays were taken of the package, it was further inspected," Stirm added. "It has not yet been disclosed what was inside the duct-taped item found in the backpack. It is not an explosive."