Cuyahoga Falls -- Will the Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education leave its mark on Tiger Trail by fronting money to make the improvement a reality?

On Feb. 11, Gordon Griffiths, the president of the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation, asked the School Board to consider loaning money for the first phase of a four-phase redesign of the entrance to Clifford Stadium that will be known as "Tiger Trail." The overall project, featuring engraved bricks, is anticipated to cost $150,000. According to Griffiths, phase one will cost $70,000 and the Foundation has raised $40,000 of that to date. Foundation members are asking the school district for a $30,000 loan to get the project under way this summer, Griffiths said. " I'm requesting for the Board to pay for the improvements and we would pay them back as construction's made," he stated. According to Griffiths, several groups, in addition to the Foundation, have become involved in promoting Tiger Trail, like the Gridiron Club, the Athletic Boosters, the Alumni Band, Choral Music and PTA.

"We'd like to get the construction going so we have something to show for this fall's football season," Griffiths said, adding, " We feel that once something is visible here, it'll be a whole lot easier for people to buy in."

Purchases of the bricks benefit the Foundation, which bestows more than $100,000 in scholarships each year. Griffiths said the additional three phases of the project would be undertaken once the Foundation has raised adequate funds.

Board President Kellie Patterson said the Board would take Griffiths' request under consideration at a future meeting.

Board Vice President Barb Gunter asked if the Foundation is willing to pay interest on top of any money borrowed from the school district's general fund. Griffiths said he would have to take a vote of the trustees but added, "I don't see why we wouldn't."

The Foundation may be reached by calling 330-926-3800, ext. 502089. Go to to learn more and to place a brick order online.


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