Hudson -- City Council says "don't mess with the Clocktower" when it comes to decorating downtown for charity campaigns.

Council denied the Hudson Merchants Association's request to put red lights on the Clocktower for their campaign to raise awareness of women's heart health in February. The merchants were allowed to put lights on the Gazebo and other decorations downtown.

Most Council members agreed they did not want the Clocktower decorated in different colors throughout the year, even though they have nothing against the charities.

"The Clocktower is an iconic and historic structure," said Council President David Basil. "I'm not inclined to have any color lights on it."

Based on the number of requests the city has received, the Clocktower could be decorated a different color each month, according to City Communications Manager Jody Roberts.

Council member Dennis Hanink said his decision has nothing to do with the charities, but by lighting the Clocktower with a symbolic color, it opened up complicated issues that could be avoided by not lighting it at all.

"Don't mess with the Clocktower," he said.

Certain colors can represent a number of issues, said Council member Hal DeSaussure. He listed several for red alone.

"It starts to become a political statement," he said. "It's going to become an issue. Nip it in the bud and don't light the Clocktower."

Council members also did not want the Gazebo lit up, although they agreed to honor requests made in 2013.

"Don't let it open up to further lights," Basil said.

This year the Gazebo will be lit up with blue lights in April, pink in October and maybe purple in November, but only until the holiday lights are lit, Roberts said.


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