Hudson - The Hudson City School District apologized Tuesday for selling outdated cafeteria computers that stored some student data, but assured parents the data has been wiped from those hard drives and was not compromised or accessed by the general public.

In a phone message, Superintendent Steve Farnsworth said the data included the names, addresses, phone numbers and school photos of students and staff members who were in the lunch system prior to May 2012, along with student ID numbers used for internal purposes only. Credit card information and biometric finger scan codes were not stored on the computers, he stated.

"We take full responsibility for this error and we take our responsibility to protect student data very seriously," Farnsworth said. "It is our standard practice that electronic devices that are to be sold or recycled are to be wiped clean of data and/or the hard drives removed and rendered useless. However, in this instance, we wrongly believed that the student data used for lunch purchases was stored on a server and not on the computer hard drives."

"We are fortunate that we were able to solve this error without any further problems," he added.