Munroe Falls -- Munroe Falls Mayor Frank Larson is throwing his hat in the ring for another election.

Larson (R), who lost a race for Summit County executive last fall to re-elected Russ Pry (D), filed petitions by the Feb. 6 deadline to run for clerk of courts for Stow Municipal Court.

The only other listed filer, according to the Summit County Board of Elections, is newly appointed Clerk of Courts Diana Colavecchio (D - Cuyahoga Falls).

Whomever wins in the November election will fill out the remaining term of former clerk Lisa Zeno Carano, which ends December 2015. The seat typically carries a six-year term.

BOE Director Joseph Masich said the race features a partisan primary, but a non-partisan election, so party lines will not be listed by individual's names on the fall ballot.

Because only one person for each party has filed, both will move on to the fall's Nov. 5 general election if their petitions are certified by the Summit County Board of Elections. Neither of the potential candidate's names will appear on this spring's primary ballots.

The board is scheduled to certify petitions at its Feb. 15 meeting.

The filing deadline for independent candidates is May 6.

Larson, who has been the Munroe Falls mayor for nearly a decade, said the position would present a "new and interesting challenge, so I'd like to try it."

"I saw the opportunity and realized the Stow court system in the last several years has been less than what I as a taxpayer would really like to see it run," he said.

Larson would have to step down from his mayoral role if he wins the election.

"It's a new challenge and a new way to serve the residents in this area," he added, "and I feel I can do a better job than what's been done in the past."

Larson said his experience as mayor makes him a good candidate for the job.

"I want to get the biggest bang for the buck for the taxpayers and also make sure that technology is being updated and used the best it can be so that when people want to get information, it's readily available," he said.


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