Tallmadge -- The city is planning to invest about $850,000 into the water distribution system that services the annexed area of Tallmadge, or the Joint Economic Development District.

That's based on an engineer's estimate as the project has yet to be bid, according to Mayor Dave Kline.

The "East Avenue Water Loop Project" will improve the existing single water line that runs along 256 acres on East Howe Road by looping it at Washburn Road.

"Now that the annexed area [of Tallmadge] is really doing well, the businesses out there, it's a really important project of mine to get this thing done," he said.

The Newell Rubbermaid plan is one of the businesses in the annexed area.

Kline said in the event of a water main break on the single line, water service is shut off to the entire annexed area. Water loops are designed so that the broken portion of a water line can be sectioned and repaired without disrupting water service to the other homes and businesses.

Kline said water main breaks in that area haven't been a problem.

"For the integrity of the water and the reliability of it, it's always good to have water looped," he said.

Construction will begin sometime this summer and last about two months, and the city will use money from the water fund for the project.

Kline estimates that 99 percent of Tallmadge residents and businesses have access to city water, with only a few streets not being able to tap into the city's system. He said it's an initiative of his is to make city water accessible to all areas.

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