I am writing for my daughter Hannah Raftery. Last year for her 12th birthday she decided instead of getting gifts for herself for her birthday,she collected gifts to be donated to Haven of Rest shelter in Akron. She wanted kids who are less fortunate than her to be able to have presents on their birthday. She was so excited to receive over 40 gifts, she thought she could help even more kids if she started a charity and collected gifts throughtout the year. So, Hannah's Birthday Closet was born! She just celebrated her 13th birthday February 4 and she's collecting gifts again this year instead of receiving. SHe celebrated her birthday party at a middle school event called Edge Games at our church (Christ COmmunity Chapel-used to be Hudson Community Chapel). There are over 500 middle schoolers who go. It's the first 3 Friday's of February. The kids are all on countires and compete in silly games to see whose country gets the most points. They have challenges too so the kids can earn extra points. Hannah asked if one of the challenges could be for kids to bring in gifts for Hannah's Birthday Closet to be donated to kids who are homeless. She was very excited when they said yes! The gifts will be brought in tonight (Feb 8) and next Fri (Feb 15). I think she will receive a large number of gifts. SHe's already collected over 70 gifts herself. They will all be donated to Haven of Rest and hopefully other shelters around Cleveland and Akron if she receives a lot. She has a website: hannahsbirthdaycloset.org if you want to receive more information about it. I think this would be a great story for your paper! (we live in Sagamore Hills) I am not sure if they will allow reporters into Edge Games? You could contact the church to find out. we will have all the gifts at our house after next week to sort through them and deliver. If you have any questions, or think this would be a good story you can contact me! 440-832-0527 or julraftery@roadrunner.com Thanks! Julie Raftery