Hudson City School District will neither lose or gain funding under the reform plan proposed for school funding by Gov. John Kasich.

The Total Achievement Everywhere funding shows Hudson received $9.6 million for 2013 and will receive $9.6 million in 2014 base on an enrollment of 4,567 students.

The total of $9.6 million is based on the sum of $4.62 million for core opportunity aid; $1.69 million for students with disabilities; $18,757 for English language learners; $13,612 for economically disadvantaged students; $228,367 for gifted and talented students; and $3 million guaranteed funds.

In general, under the new formula, the state will distribute funding to schools based on what a 20-mill levy would generate in a district with property valuations of $250,000 per students. In the lowest wealth districts, that valuation is about $50,000, while two dozen districts have valuations of more than $250,000.

The state also will provide additional "targeted assistance" to schools based on the income levels of their residents, meaning poorer districts would receive more state assistance than wealthier ones.

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