Macedonia -- City residents are being asked to spend a few minutes taking a survey regarding their views on the home of former Mayor William Long in Longwood Park.

The survey can be taken on the city's website,

"Here's the story -- Do you want to fix it?" said Mayor Don Kuchta.

The six questions on the survey, which can be taken anonymously, include whether respondents believe that public money should be used to help pay for repairs to the Manor House, whether they would be willing to make a private donation and how much, and whether the home should be demolished or if a one-year permit granting the Longwood Manor Historical Society access to the home should be extended beyond its expiration at the end of February.

The LMHS, which City Council approved as the structure's official caretaker in 2002, says it has made some progress and is trying to develop a renovation plan, but needs more time. It has asked the city for an 18-month extension.

Long, who served as mayor from 1962 to 1976, bequeathed his home and 300-acre estate, which is now the park, to the city when he died in 1984. The LMHS spent several years trying to make repairs, but citing numerous building code violations, the city condemned the house in March 2007.

Council, however, eventually approved an indefinite delay in demolition and the fate of the Manor House has been in limbo since.

"We need to fix it or take it down," said Kuchta. "I'm asking people, begging people, to partake in the survey and give us some direction."


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