Ninety-nine future scientists, ages 12 to 18, from Hudson and surrounding communities have earned the chance to present their projects this spring at the Western Reserve District Fair and/or the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair.

These students earned superior project ratings at the Hudson STEM Alliance/Kent State College of Arts and Science STEM Project Fair at the Kent State University Student Center Ballroom Jan. 19.

Project categories included: behavioral and social sciences; biochemistry; botany; chemistry; computer science; earth and space science; engineering; environmental science; mathematics; medical science; microbiology; and physics.

Forty-two individual projects and 26 team projects were promoted to the Western Reserve District 5 Science Day. The WRD5 science day is one of the 15 district science fairs in Ohio each spring under the Ohio Junior Academy of Science. This event will be at the University of Akron on March 16 with the following students competing as individuals:

Rachel Baker

Iulia Barbur

Nassima Bouhenni

Daniel Bower

Jacob Brawley

Cole Clampffer

Connor Coburn

Thomas Collins

Deanna Fernando

Kendall Furbee

Luis Gomes-Ortega

Mary Catherine Good

Olivia Green

Jaret Hildebrand

Eden Janesch

Brad Jasko

David Johanson,

Serena Kaplan

Eddie Kerekes

Donghan (Danny) Kim

Kyunghan (Chris) Kim

Yeji Kim

Ashley King

McKenzie Kinzel

Krisztian Kosa

Taylor Koschko

Ian Mail

Abby McAllister

Brandon Neth

Ely Newby

Annie O'Brien

Ally Prosser

Rachel Rafferty

Mark Roberts

Colton Rowell

Helen Salsbury

Kartik Sastry

Drew Saxer

Ivy Shi

Andrew Suchan

Kelsey Tetmeyer

Jamie Verser

Faith Voinovich

Jielu Wang

Cordelia Wheatley

Vonn Wheatley

Alex Williams

The following students will be competing as teams:

Nikki Beckham and Cassidy Lewis

Alyssa Brest and Aaron Bovaird

Ben Cypcar and Zack Jones

Steve Dine, Harrison Garber and Joseph Marques

Emily Erdmann, Maddie Ricard, and Meredith Spitz

Alli Evans and Emily Havranek

Molly Frabotta and Yun Cao

Samir Graham, Zain Zafar, and Tayjas Rajaraman

Jared Jesionek and Ross Palazzo

Chris Johanson and David Heiner

Taehan Lee and Alexis Proskovec

Sarah L'Hommedieu and Allison Robbins

Andy Liu and Nick Klein

Alec Maier and Derek Potts

Anna Matun and Kasey Thorn

Sean McKeon and Charles Tanner

David McVan, Daniel Huang, and Steven Xie

Michael Mendiola and Ben Hoffman

Roman Moreno, Nate Menendex, and Corey Behm

Matt Murphy and Patrick Stepanek

Sydney Pilarcik and Payton Donnan

Erica Pinto and Nicole Lehman

Lilly Riffle and Parker Kronen

Emma Rillero and Katie Castrigano

Kelsey Russo and Alexandra Koberlein

Lucy Sachtleben and Chloe Webster

Jack Sockol and William Jordan

Emily Teutsch and Megan Urbanic

In addition, 12 projects were promoted to NEOSEF. Affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, NEOSEF will be March 4 to 7 with approximately 600 students from more than 80 schools discussing their research with professional scientists and engineers from the area.

Students promoted to NEOSEF include:

Iulia Barbur

Nassima Bouhenni

Deanna Fernando

Brad Jasko

David Johanson

Donghan (Danny) Kim

Kyunghan (Chris) Kim

Ashley King

Krisztian Kosa

Helen Salsbury

Kartik Sastry

Faith Voinovich

The Hudson STEM Alliance/Kent State College of Arts and Science STEM Project Fair event concluded with awards given to projects chosen as the first, second and third best overall in their respective categories. These awards included:

Behavioral Science: 1. Helen Salsbury; 2. Sarah L'Hommedieu and Allison Robbins; 3. Mary Catherine Good

Biochemistry: 1. David Johanson; 2. Brad Jasko; 3. Samir Graham, Zain Zafar, and Tayjas Rajaraman

Botany: 1. Alyssa Brest and Aaron Bovaird; 2. Steve Dine, Harrison Garber, and Joseph Marques

Chemistry: 1. Kyunghan (Chris) Kim; 2. Eli Newby; 3. Alex Williams

Computer Science: 1. Vonn Wheatley; 2. Andrew Suchan

Earth & Space Science: 1. Serena Kaplan

Environmental Science: 1. Jack Sockol and William Jordan; 2. Jacob Brawley; 3. Drew Saxer

Mathematics: 1. Krisztian Kosa; 2. Abby McAllister

Medical Science: 1. Iulia Barbur

Microbiology: 1. Kartik Sastry; 2. Cordelia Wheatley

Physics: 1. Donghan (Danny) Kim; 2. Thomas Collins; 3. Luis Gomes-Ortega

Engineering: 1. Faith Voinovich; 2. Chris Johanson and David Heiner; 3. Molly Frabotta and Yun Cao