Hudson -- Newly-elected Congressman David Joyce told the Rotary Club of Hudson Jan. 30 that he felt right at home at Laurel Lake Retirement Community, the site of the club's morning meeting.

"My mom and dad lived at Laurel Lake before they passed away," said Joyce, who was elected in November to replace Steven LaTourette in the 14th Congressional District. "They taught me that with hard work and faith you can do anything in this country."

Joyce discussed his background, the federal deficit and his hopes for bipartisan cooperation in a 30-minute presentation to about 50 club members and guests.

Rotarians got a chuckle when Joyce related how proud his mother was when he became an attorney. He said that before her death she couldn't remember his name, but she always remembered he was an attorney.

"She would tell her caregivers, 'My attorney is here,' when I came to visit," Joyce said.

Joyce, who was a prosecutor for 25 years before becoming a Congressman, said his new role is "different."

"My agenda is to do the right thing and do the right thing all the time," he said.

He commented that the numbers he has to deal with on the federal appropriations committee are staggering.

"Do you know the interest on a trillion dollars is $200 billion a year?" he asked.

Joyce said, for him, there was no such thing as a Democrat bill or a Republican bill.

"If a bill helps people get jobs, then count me in," Joyce said.

A Rotary members asked Joyce if he noticed a shift in attitude in Congress.

"I hope so," Joyce said.

Joyce said 87 new freshmen attended an orientation where they were not identified by party.

"They said they heard from people at home that nothing's been done," he said. "We have to get this country back on track and balance the budget in the next 10 years.

"No budget, no pay," he said. "We do it at our house, and every business does it, too. No budget, no pay makes sense to all of us."

Joyce's communication director, Christyn Keyes, also was feeling right at home at the meeting. She is a 2006 graduate of Hudson High School.

Joyce also came bearing gifts. He donated an American Flag, which was flown over the Capitol building, to the Rotary Club's annual auction, planned for May.

At the end of the meeting, Rotarian and Hudson City Councilman Hal DeSaussure invited Joyce to come back to the club in a year for a progress report. Joyce said he would.

His presentation will air on Hudson Cable TV. See the listings on Page 37 for dates and times.


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