Aurora -- Alison Haggerty and Jennifer Cunha, now teachers at Valley Christian Academy, both attended school there in their childhood years.

"I've wanted to be a teacher since I was 7 years old," said Haggerty. "I decided that I wanted to be a teacher specifically at VCA when I was in the sixth grade. The school was familiar to me, had great students and provided the opportunity to teach students about Jesus."

Haggerty, who has a bachelor of science degree in education from Messiah College, recently took the place of her fourth-grade teacher, Freida Seigneur, who is now retired and tutors math at VCA.

"She left me a library full of books and lots of science experiment resources," said Haggerty. "I consider it such a privilege to be in her classroom and hope to continue her legacy of excellence."

"I remember Alison as a very creative and intelligent little girl," said Seigneur.

"Since I am working as a math tutor now, instead of a classroom teacher, we are able to share ideas back and forth. She is a wonderful, loving teacher that I am thrilled God brought to take my place," she said.

Haggerty has been teaching at VCA for two years. According to Seigneur, the two of them had several opportunities to get together and learn where and how things were organized in the classroom.

"As a teacher, one of my great joys is to have former students come back to visit as adults and be able to see what God has done in their lives," said Seigneur. "First-grade teacher, Mrs. Cunha, also is a former student of mine when she was in third grade."

"I was in high school when I decided I wanted to be a teacher," said Cunha. "When I went to public school, after moving to Chardon, I felt the difference right away and truly missed VCA. The family-like atmosphere and the loving teachers were some of the things I never forgot."

Cunha has been teaching at VCA for seven years and received her bachelor of arts degree in elementary education from Mount Union College in Alliance.

"I am honored to work among such amazing people and teach children with all the love that was taught to me all those years ago," said Cunha. "VCA is the best kept secret in Aurora, except it shouldn't be a secret!"


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