Hudson -- While future raises will depend on performance, all Hudson Schools administrative staff and non-representative support staff will receive a 2 percent pay increase retroactive to last summer after the School Board's approval Jan. 28.

The Hudson City School District Board of Education unanimously approved the pay increase Jan. 28, as well as a new salary structure for administrative and non-represented staff.

Board member Steve DiMauro abstained from voting on one portion of the legislation which contained the name of a relative.

The new structure will categorize positions into 12 "grades" with a minimum and maximum salary for each grade, according to Assistant Superintendent Phil Herman.

The raises for the 24 administrators will be retroactive to Aug. 1, 2012, and the raises for the 21 non-representative support staff will be retroactive to July 1, 2012, Herman said.

Administrators and non-exempt employees have not had a raise since 2009-10, according to the district.

In the future under the new salary structure, employees will have to earn one of the top two designations on a four-point evaluation to receive a raise, Herman said.

Among 24 administrators scheduled to receive raises, Superintendent Steve Farnsworth is scheduled to receive a 2 percent wage increase to $141,831.

Other top salaries include Assistant Superintendent Phillip Herman at $120,084; Director of Curriculum and Instruction Doreen Osmun at $114,036; Director of Pupil Services Kelly Kempf at $108,138; Treasurer Kathryn Sines at $106,080; McDowell Elementary Principal Mark Leventhal at $105,000; and Hudson Middle School Principal Charles DiLauro at $104,606.

Go here - - to see the complete Jan. 28 meeting agenda with a list of all the administrators and their salaries.

Two administrators -- Osmun and Communications Manager Sheryl Sheatzley -- received a 7.5 percent increase to their salaries prior to the 2 percent increases to match their positions' grade level in the new salary structure, Herman said.

Their administrator salaries weren't below the minimum grade amount but were "low" considering their years of experience and job responsibilities, Herman said. Their salaries were adjusted to the middle range of the pay range before the salary increase.

If administrative or non-represented support staff employees were below the minimum amount for their grade level, the salary was adjusted to the minimum for the grade level before the pay increase, Herman said.

The two unions in the Hudson City School District -- the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (support staff) and the Hudson Education Association (teachers and certified positions) -- bargained with the School Board for the terms of their agreement, which expire in June 2014, Herman said.

Administrators and non-rep staff have no union representative, and the Board determines the terms of their employment and wages.

The School Board worked with a consultant, Rahmberg, Stover & Assoc., last June to begin the research necessary to build a salary structure and where to place employees, Herman said.

Personnel will have no change in the amount they contribute toward health insurance, Herman said. Administrative and non-representative employees pay 15 percent of the premium for medical insurance.

"That's consistent with what both unions are paying," Herman said. "All [school district] employees are paying 15 percent."


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