Silver Lake -- On Jan. 22, Silver Lake Village Council unanimously endorsed the mayoral appointments of Louise Heydorn, Robert Gray, Lou Berroteran, Cynda Zuch and Fred Johnson as members of the Charter Review Commission.

"They're all good, solid citizens ," Mayor Bernie Hovey said Jan. 21, "I just think it's a great group of people that can be very unbiased, very objective and will consider anything brought to them as well as dig through the charter themselves and find other things that need improving on." The body had not announced a meeting schedule, as of press time Jan. 24.

As one of its first orders of business, the mayor said he will ask the panel to change the time of the first meeting of the year from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m. "I am still reviewing the charter for other suggestions," Hovey said.

Alex Alexander recognized

During Village Council's Jan. 21 meeting, the mayor recognized Alex Alexander, an 18-year member of the village's Planning Commission, with a proclamation on the occasion of his retirement from the volunteer body.

"This is sort of a melancholy moment," Hovey stated, "because it's kind of sad to say goodbye to Mr. Alexander, but, at the same time, we remember with fondness all the work that you've done for the village and all the good things you've done for everybody that lives here."

Alexander expressed his appreciation as well as his pride in his colleagues, saying, "We [are] probably one of the finest planning commissions Keep moving along."

Don Brown has been tapped to be Alexander's replacement on the planning commission Council confirmed Brown's appointment Jan. 21


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