Residents in Macedonia, Northfield Village, Sagamore Hills and Boston Heights cannot contact 911 through their land line phones, area police report.

Emergency calls from Macedonia can be made by cell phone, or to the department's non-emergency line, 330-468-1234.

Boston Heights residents should call 330-653-5911.

Northfield Village residents should call 330-467-7112.

People in Sagamore Hills should make emergency calls to 330-468-0900.

The 911 system in Northfield Center is not experiencing problems, said a dispatcher at the Summit County Sheriff's Office dispatch center.

Macedonia Police Chief Jon Golden said the department has been informed the disruption is a statewide problem and said little more information was available from the 911 Resolution Center.

Macedonia dispatch also handles emergency calls for Northfield Village and Boston Heights.

Sagamore Hills police said the 911 emergency system went partially down around 11:20 a.m., but telephone service providers are working on rerouting circuits so that emergency calls from landlines can be received.

"It appears to be a state problem and we're checking into it as we speak," said Sagamore Hills Dispatcher Scott Barrett. "Cell phone circuits are working."

Barrett said the department's service provider, AT&T, is working on rerouting 911 calls to the department's non-emergency lines.

"All emergency calls are going to be coming to our non-emergency lines," he said.