Dr. David Schlosser was a man with a bright idea. He noticed the two stone pillars, hidden to most by overgrown shrubbery, that stand at the entrance from Kent Road on to Silver Lake Boulevard. After Silver Lake Amusement Park was closed and the land was subdivided into building lots, the stone pillars, circa 1918, marked the entrance to the newly established village of Silver Lake. Dr. Schlosser thought that with renovation, and the addition of gas lanterns, these stone pillars could once again stand at the entrance to the village. With the blessings of Village Council, and the contributions of many volunteers, he set about to make his idea a reality. Easements were obtained from the family of Susann Drbal and from Margaret Poloma on whose land the pillars sit. The renovation and regrouting of the pillars took place in 2012. The original river stone was maintained and raw copper gas lamps were added. An idea has become a reality and all villagers are invited to the official lighting ceremony Jan. 27 at 5 p.m. Dr. Schlosser will have the honor of lighting the lamps which will light the way into the village 24 hours a day. Hot chocolate and cookies will be served. A proclamation will be presented by Mayor Bernie Hovey thanking Dr. Schlosser as coordinator of this project and the other major contributors including: Silver Lake Historical Society, David and Susan Barson and family, Marcy and Rocco Cona, Anthony and Karen Crasi, Amy and Matt Dawley, James and Danielle Richardson, David M. Hunter, Scott and Betsy Meyer, Kenneth Hudak and family, David and Kathryn Schlosser, Nicholas Schlosser, The Silver Lake Garden Club Memorial Fund, The Silver lake Triathlon Sponsors and The Church in Silver Lake.