Hudson -- The owner of the Learned Owl Book Shop is still looking for a new person to tend the nest she has watched over for more than 43 years.

Liz Murphy, who has owned the shop since 1983, announced last year that she wanted to sell the Main Street bookstore to someone younger and explore other ventures.

"I have talked to well over 30 people since last April, most of whom were serious in their interest," Murphy said Jan. 16. "I had at least 10 that I got really excited about as possibilities."

However, for "one reason or another, decided that the venture was not right for them at this time," Murphy said.

Murphy is talking to three potential buyers, she said.

One of the buyers is Kate Schlademan, the shop's events coordinator.

Schlademan launched an online fundraising campaign late last year with a target of $50,000. The campaign ended Jan. 12.

"It went very well, we had people donating online as well as in store," Schlademan said. "We did not reach our $50,000 goal; however, we did raise almost $25,000 which is a 100 percent improvement over what we started with."

Schlademan is still working to raise funds locally via email and a Facebook page she has set up.

"The response has been wonderful with donations coming from over 150 people including friends, family, loyal Owl followers, and complete strangers," Schlademan said. "Not everyone was able to contribute in the set time period, so I'm encouraging people to contact me through my email, on the Owl's Next Chapter facebook page, or drop by the store to see me if they are still interested."

Schlademan is working on her business plan and will be meeting with advisors and banks in the coming weeks.

"I want the store more than ever now and I'm inspired daily by the encouragement from people near and far," Schlademan said. "Liz has been extremely supportive and I'm honored to have the support of so many loyal book lovers and will do everything in my power to ensure the continued success of the Owl."

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