Northfield Village -- Most village employees are receiving 1.25 percent pay increases this year, after Village Council approved one-year contracts with the police and service unions Dec. 20, and pay increases for non-union employees, including firefighters and department heads, on Jan. 9.

"I wish I had more to offer my employees," said Mayor Jesse Nehez. "But all we can afford now is 1.25 percent."

Law Director Brad Bryan said the union increases will cost the village about $21,000 this year and the non-union increases about $24,000. Non-union increases are retroactive to Jan. 1 and union increases were effective on the same date. Bryan said the share of health care costs paid by employees remains unchanged.

Non-union increases include salaries for Police Chief Mark Wentz rising from $68,826 to $69,686 and Finance Director Monica James from $46,000 to $46,575. Bryan's annual general retainer increased from $28,040 to $28,391 and his hourly rate was increased by $1 to $114.

Police Lt. Jamie Mackie, who Bryan said is in a separate collective bargaining unit by himself, is being paid $61,621, up from $60,860.

Firefighters' hourly pay has been increased from $11.49 to $11.63, with increases of $13.41 to $13.58 if they are also emergency medical technician/paramedics. All village firefighters are part timers.

Councilor John Bolek said Jan. 9 he believes the firefighters in particular are underpaid.

"We're no where competitive with what we pay our firefighters," he said. "But it's all we can do."

Under the union agreements, full-time police officers' pay was increased by 1.25 percent and part-timers increased by 2.5 percent. Full-time hourly patrol officer pay ranges from $20.42, up from $20.17, for new officers, to $24.33, up from $24.03, for officers with at least two years experience.

Sergeants' pay is now $26.93, up from $26.60, and part-time officers' pay ranges from $14.49, an increase from $14.14, at the starting rate to $17.60, up from $17.17, for at least five years experience.

The pay rate has been cut from $14.14 to $9 for new part-time patrol officers going through field training.

Officers conducting the training will receive a $1 per hour stipend.

Full-time service employees are receiving a 1.25 percent increase, except for Administrative Clerk and Service Department Secretary Lisa Rodriguez, whose pay has increased by 3 percent from $17.89 to $18.43.

Service Director Jason Walters' hourly rate was increased to $27.05 from $26.72, with his annual stipend as building and zoning inspector increasing from $4,500 to $6,000. Assistant Service Director Chris While's hourly pay increased from $22.29 to $22.57.

Other service department full-time employee hourly rates, depending on experience and rank, range between starting maintenance employees increasing from $17.59 to $17.81 to advanced maintenance employees from $20.59 to $20.85.

Court Clerk Lisa Thellman, whose position is included in the service agreement, is paid $20.98 per hour, up from $20.72.

Part-time service employees' hourly pay, depending on experience, ranges between $9.57 to $12.42, up from between $9.34 to $12.12.


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