Hudson -- City officials Jan. 8 asked Council to approve a pay increase for non-union employees.

Council could vote on the cost-of-living raises Jan. 16 at a regular Council meeting.

The 1.5 percent pay increase for the 70 full-time non-union employes would keep the city employees at the same level of pay increase as 74 full-time union employees.

The raises would be retroactive to Jan. 1, according to City Manager Anthony Bales.

The city has three unions and according to their contracts will each receive a 1.5 percent increase in pay in 2013 -- the Teamsters Union, Fraternal Order of Police and the utility workers union.

"The [non-union] employees have not had a raise in two years," according to Jody Roberts, communications manager.

The 2013 pay increases will cost the city $142,729 for non-union employees and $91,256 for union employees and include benefits, pensions, medicare and any other expenses, Roberts said.

The cost of living adjustment is separate from step raises based on performance, which are based on an evaluation at an anniversary date of hire for the employee.

"A good percentage of employees are what we call 'stepped out' meaning they are at the top of their range and are no longer eligible for step increases," Roberts said.

The pay steps provided in the pay range structure chart have been increased by 1.015 percent of the 2012 pay range structure figures and range from $7.85 for seasonal entry level positions to $67.71 per hour. The highest paid positions belong to City Manager Anthony Bales, who makes $122,000, but he is under contract and exempt from the cost of living increase.

The highest paid city employees and their 2012 salaries before the 1.5 percent increase include Assistant City Manager Scott Schroyer at $117,187, Finance Director Jeff Knoblauch at $114,629, Police Chief David Robbins at $114,629, Public Works Director Frank Comeriato at $111,883, City Engineer Thom Sheridan at $106,496 and Hudson Fire Chief Robert Carter at $104,249.


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